New Broker Review Added: Zacks Trade

We’re proud to announce to have added another broker review: Zacks Trade.

Zacks Trade is one of the more famous share dealing brokers facing the United States market.

Zacks Trade is an online brokerage firm that caters both retail and institutional investors to buy and sell US equities, foreign stocks, penny shares, ETFs, options and more. The brokerage firm is founded by Len Zacks and has so far transacted more than 200 million stock trades from 218 different countries world wide.

Zacks Trade is what we call a ‘discount-broker’. They just charge $0.01 per share, at a minimum of $3 per order. The trading platform is suitable for beginner and advanced traders a like and people new to online trading can get assistance by one of the companies in-house brokers, free of charge.

Apart from being a discount broker and thus charging very low fees, Zacks Trade also has a great range of tradable financial instruments and assets. One of the unique product types offered by Zacks Trade are Penny Stocks, also called pink sheets, which most brokers don’t offer.

Zacks Trade Review



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