New Broker Review added: SureTrader

Today we  have added the one of the most famous U.S. penny stocks and pink sheets broker: SureTrader.

The reason we added SureTrader to is because of a good friend of ours is trading with this broker for a while and he asked why we didn’t feature any penny stock broker yet on So, here you have it, SureTrader, the first penny stock and pink sheet broker on this website.

The best thing with penny stocks is that you can divide your risk in such a huge way because the stocks being so cheap. SureTrader offers 1:6 leverage which means you can profit up tp 6 times what you have on your SureTrader balance.

SureTrader is part of Swiss America Securities, founded in 2008 by top trader Guy Gentile. SureTrader is a broker that is aimed at traders who want to trade stocks but don’t have a big starting budget.

SureTrader is a leading online broker

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