12 Brokers added to scam broker list: more to follow.

As my top priority is reviewing reliable stock, forex, CFD, binary options and cryptocurrency brokers and exchanges. There were 12 brokers on the binary option part of the website that I re reviewed and placed them on the all new scam broker and other blacklisted financial services list on this website.

I will re review more brokers that I reviewed in the past and keep the scam broker list updated.

Complaints about forex, crypto and binary option brokers occur more often now a days and for multiple reasons. Normally traders that choose to trade at a licensed broker never have problems. If you trade of have been trading with an unlicensed broker, there’s no government agency that can help you getting back your money. On this page I am going to explain you what to do in diverse scenarios where you have a broker complaint.

Since a few days ago, Choosebroker.com works together with a company called MyChargeBack. This is a company specialized in getting money back for traders from brokers. I know the owner of this website and I know he’s good at what he is doing.


The FCA warns traders before they trade somewhere to check the FCA register of Warning List to check which brokers and companies to avoid. If you got scammed, you can explain the situation or scam by calling 0800 111 6768 (toll free) or by filling in the online complaint form. Their FCA complaint department will explain you the process. They cannot help you if you have been trading with an unlicensed broker. MyChargeBack, however, can.

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