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TradingView is a web-based charting software and social trading network designed by the founders of the famous charting software MultiCharts. TradingView offers the complete functionalities traders are used to with… more

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Broker TradingView
Website URL
Founded 2011
Headquarters 470 Olde Worthington Road Suite 200 Westerville, OH 43082 United States
Support Types Email: [email protected]
Languages English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian
Trading Platform Depends on brokerage firm connected to TradingView
Minimum 1st Deposit Depends on brokerage firm connected to TradingView
Minimum Account Size Depends on brokerage firm connected to TradingView
Minimum Trade Amount Depends on brokerage firm connected to TradingView
Maximum Trade Amount Depends on brokerage firm connected to TradingView
Bonus Unlimited Free Charting Software
Leverage Depends on brokerage firm connected to TradingView
Spread Depends on brokerage firm connected to TradingView
Free Demo Account Open Demo
Account Types FREE, PRO, PRO+, PREMIUM
Deposit Methods Depends on brokerage firm connected to TradingView
Withdrawal Methods Depends on brokerage firm connected to TradingView
Trading Methods Depends on brokerage firm connected to TradingView
Number of Assets s on brokerDependage firm connected to TradingView
Expiry Times Depends on brokerage firm connected to TradingView
Types of Assets Depends on brokerage firm connected to TradingView
Option Types Depends on brokerage firm connected to TradingView
Trading Currency Depends on brokerage firm connected to TradingView
Account Currency Depends on brokerage firm connected to TradingView
US Traders Allowed Yes
Mobile Trading Yes
Tablet Trading Yes
Overall Score 8.5

Full Review

TradingView is a web-based charting software and social trading network designed by the founders of the famous charting software MultiCharts. TradingView offers the complete functionalities traders are used to with premium desktop charting systems and works super fast and easy. Apart from this, the TradingView social community can help you gain trade ideas, share these and apply automatic trading systems.

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TradingView Account Types

TradingView offers four different account types:

– Free
– Pro
– Pro+
– Premium


Choose a subscription plan that suits you

According to the trading style of the trader, multiple account types are available. For instance, a trader that mostly buys and holds, the free account should be sufficient. Actually most features of TradingView are available for free.

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TradingView FREE

The difference between TradingView Free and the paid account types is not so big as most people would expect. If you look quickly, you see that most free members enjoy the same features as the paid members at TradingView. Most swing traders and investors wouldn’t miss any feature. Only an active day trader might not be able to trade optimally without a paid account.

A limited amount of charts per layout, a limited amount of indicators per layout, the lack of extended trading hours data, a lower data flow and some other marginalized features are what makes the difference between a free account and a paid account.

TradingView Paid Account Types

The paid account types on TradingView look quite the same if we look at the features. The difference in paid accounts are the better core features at more expensive account types. If you would upgrade, for example, from Pro+ to Premium, you are able to display 8 charts per layout instead of 4. Also, you can draw up to 25 indicators on the chart instead of just 10. Some special features are exclusive to paid account types. For instance SMS and email alerts are only available to paid account types.

The reason why we, at, have paid accounts at TradingView is because we then have access to more features. We were personally upset we only had access to three indicators, which made us remove one every time we wanted to draw or use a fourth. We also wanted to test out some volume profile strategies, like Japanese momentum charts like Renko.

In general you can, if you have the money for it, spend between $100 and $400 a year to improve your workflow and expand the features of your charting software.

If you’re a new trader or trading with relatively small amounts of money, a paid account at TradingView is unnecessary and you can just use a free account. Whenever you start trading consistently profitable, spending a couple hundred dollars on a yearly basis to improve your workflow shouldn’t really matter and TradingView paid accounts could eventually be quite a good investment.

Compare Different Account TypesFreeProPro+Premium
Pay every 2 yearsFree$9,95 per month$19,95 per month$39,95 per month
Pay every yearFree$12,95 per month$24,95 per month$49,95 per month
Pay every monthFree$14,95 per month$29,95 per month$59,95 per month
Charts per layout1248
Devices on the same moment1125
Server-side alerts11030100
Indicators per chart351025
Indicator on indicator11924
Maximum saved chart layouts1510Unlimited
Indicator Templates1UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Improved Watch lists1UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Customer ServiceNoneNormalFastPriority

TradingView Features

TradingView’s simple, yet sleek designed platform and web-based charts is what sets TradingView apart from the competition. We at still have to find a charting software provider that even comes close to the perfect user experience TradingView offers. The charts zoom in and out very smoothly compared to most other charting platforms and software’s.

Traders also enjoy comfort and happiness whilst using the TradingView charts because the designers took care of every single detail. Every button feels intuitive on the right place and especially the sidebar shows all important information in a nice and clear way. The charts look very modern and don’t look like the software is developed 10 years ago, which is the case at other charting software providers.

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TradingView Technical Indicators

TradingView offers a broad range of technical indicators that are updated from time to time. What we, at, like the most is that TradingView’s indicators really fit with the design of the trading platform it’s self. Most charting software’s have this huge drop-down menu filled with unneeded files filled with unneeded indicators.

With TradingView, on the other hand, you just have a ”indicators” button that shows as a pop-up, which you can use to browse indicators that are designed by TradingView or other traders.

TradingView News Feature

The news feature of TradingView is something which can be developed a little bit further, according to our oppinion. The news feature now is just a list of news head lines with a small preview. On websites like you can select news on popularity or amount of clicks. Also, the site offers interesting infographics. It would be cool if TradingView also integrated these kind of features in it’s news section.

TradingView Scanner

TradingView’s screener is a good example of a standard scanner. Just like the rest of TradingView’s website, the screener is designed easy and sleek. To bad you cannot fully optimize it. A limited amount of screening options are available and most indicators and fundamental data cannot be used in combination with the screener.

The indicators that are compatible with the screener cannot be manipulated. If you, for instance, use a 90-day EMA strategy, and a 5 day counting Average Directional Index, you cannot scan steps with TradingView. Instead of this you have to use the 14 day ADX and 100-day EMA.

TradingView Alerts

TradingView’s alerts on the other hand, are fantastic. They do exactly what they should do and the alerts system allows you to set multiple alert types. Alerts can be set for each indicator or drawing on the chart. Only Premium members can also receive SMS and mobile notification alerts. You can set how many times the alert should trigger, from one to five times.

TradingView Watch Lists

Although it’s not really needed or anything really special, TradingView has a watch lists feature. This watch lists feature works quite simple: just search for any symbol and press ”enter”. With other platforms you need to leave a space for the ticker but that’s not necessary at TradingView, which saves you some time.

TradingView Volume Profile

TradingView offers volume profile indicators on all it’s paid accounts. The volume profile, which offers extra functionality, is a set part of the TradingView infra structure. Fans from market profiles like Jim Dalton, wouldn’t be to amazed, because only basic volume profiles are shown with actual prices. This way, you do know, however, at which price the most volume is traded.

Japanese Momentum Charting

Whilst it’s also being offered in other charting software packages, it’s quite rare that TradingView offers Japanese momentum charting features. TradingView offers Renko, Kagi, Line Break and Point & Figure charts. The charts neglect time frames and focus on different factors like the amount of ATR’s weighted. The features are mainly suitable for trend traders.

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TradingView Pine Script

Pine Script is the main programming language of TradingView which is easy to learn and to apply, even for people who have no experience in programming or coding. With Pine Script you can test trading strategies at your current broker and trade live. You can, for example, set Pine Script to buy every time a 50-day SMA surpasses a 200-day MSA or close your position when the opposite happens. More complex short sell techniques are available to program with a little bit more coding knowledge.

TradingView Social Network

We didn’t really actively tested this part of TradingView, as it breaks one of our trading principles. However, from time to time it’s quite handy to gain trade ideas from others. The social network aspect of TradingView and in trading in general is quite controversial. One of the worst things to influence trader behavior is social media. Especially when the person or trader in question likes to try new trading techniques. When a trader sees another trader making gigantic profits, one can easily get FOMO and take wrong investment decisions.

We can say however, that the functionality of the social network of TradingView is okay. There’s the opportunity for traders to draw ideas on charts and write short blog posts outlining their strategies. Sharing trade ideas and charts is what makes the social network aspect of TradingView viable.

Brokers that work with TradingView

There are only a few brokers that work with TradingView, but luckily these are the more famous and bigger brokers. Some of the brokers available with TradingView are:

– Oanda

For what type of trader is TradingView the most useful for?

TradingView’s multiple account types suit different traders. We think that most traders that trade medium-short term will do just fine with a free TradingView account. The free account is perfect for most traders and long term swing traders who don’t need more than 3 indicators per chart.

We think that in general TradingView aims at technical swing and intra day traders. We don’t think scalpers or order flow traders would use paid TradingView plans. An order flow trader usually doesn’t use any indicators or manipulate any charts. They are of the best just using the charts provided by their trading platform and or broker.

TradingView Pros and Cons


– Best charting software we ever tested
– The free account offers many features
– Big library of community created indicators
– Easy to learn programming language (Pine Script)
– Great back testing tool
– Many different features within a single charting software


– No level 2 data
– Limited customer service for free account holders

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Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2


  • Unlimited free charting software
  • Tons of indicators and drawing tools available
  • Connectable to multiple brokers


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