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Overview is founded in 2012 by Nick McDonald. At the moment of founding he was quite a new trader on the forex market. When he found out that there weren’t… more

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Website URL
Founded 2012
Headquarters Level 26, Beautiful Group Tower, 77 Connaught Road, Central, Hong Kong
Support Number None
Support Types Email, Live Chat
Languages English
Trading Platform None
Minimum 1st Deposit None
Minimum Account Size None
Minimum Trade Amount None
Maximum Trade Amount None
Bonus 7 days free trial
Free Demo Account Open Demo
Account Types Monthly plan, yearly plan
Deposit Methods paypal and mastercard or visa
Withdrawal Methods paypal and mastercard or visa
Trading Methods None
Types of Assets Forex Signals and educational lessons
Option Types none
Account Currency USD
US Traders Allowed Yes
Mobile Trading Yes
Tablet Trading Yes
Overall Score 7

Full Review is founded in 2012 by Nick McDonald. At the moment of founding he was quite a new trader on the forex market. When he found out that there weren’t to many forex communities back then, he decided to found

The company still sticks to it’s original plan: to create a community-based network, filled with knowledge from both traders and investors. This network can and will be used, obviously, to help others in the sector.

Meanwhile, grew out to one of the biggest trading rooms to trade ideas and a knowledge center for the entire forex industry.


Watch and learn together using’s Trading Room Feature

On Fundamental level, promotes it’s self as a community where knowledge is being gained and shares about almost everything that has to do with forex trading. To educate beginner traders and investors in to the forex world, 9 people work full time in the trading room to answer all your questions and assist you with any problems you might face. Trading Educators offers both a monthly and annual subscription plan. The monthly one costs $97 a month and the yearly one $249 a year. Traders are better off buying the yearly subscription plan as they save $915 in doing so. Both plans can be tried out 7 days for free. Monthly and Annual Subscription Plans’s goal is to make you a winning trader that knows exactly how to trade and how to identify market trends. The company sends forex signals out to it’s members to better identify opportunities on the financial markets.

When you create your free account you got two choices. The monthly package or the yearly one with a discount. The yearly package contains the same features as the monthly one but several extra ones like personalized feedback and a 1 on 1 mentoring session with the professional forex trader: Andrew Lockwood.

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Course Summary and Analysis offers a lot of educational material in the trading room environment. The trading room can be seen as a general knowledge hub where traders get together and become better at trading. Trading Room – Where traders come together

Once most traders arrive in the trading room, they start following the educational video courses. There are two courses developed for beginner traders and people who are in general new to the stock market. These trading courses are offered and designed by Andrew Lockwood and Mark Bennel. Both are professional forex traders with a combined experience of over 40 years in the forex trading world.

Both courses are designed in sections and modules. In total there are 12 modules with 136 videos. Each module comes with a 60 minute video explaining a certain trading aspect. Course Program

The modules of the Trading Academy at are as following:

– Module 1 – Fundamentals
– Module 2 – The ”Aha” Moment
– Module 3 – Naked Swing Trading
– Module 4 – Propulsion Scalping
– Module A – Workshops and Q&A’s

The fundamentals explain the basics of the forex market and how to profit trading it. The ”Aha” module teaches you everything about risks and expectations. In module 3 you learn everything about technical analysis and trends like support and resistance tradings. In the third module you also learn how to read candle stick charts. In the fourth module you learn everything about indicators like Fibonnaci retracements, moving averages and back testing.

The other 7 modules are designed and offered by Mark Bennell and are divided in the following sections:

– Module 1 – Setting the Stage
– Module 2 – Treating it as a Business
– Module 3 – Business Essentials
– Module 4 – Let’s get Technical
– Module 5 – Analysis Techniques
– Module 6 – Traders Technical Toolbox
– Module A – Workshops and Q&A’s

The first three modules in this trading course segment mainly focus on the principles of trading forex and how you can make your trading career profitably and smoothly. This is a vital basis for every forex trader to become successful.

In the last three modules you, as a trader, learn more detailed techniques on how to apply technical analysis. In total your learn way more with the trading courses offered by than from any minimalistic educational section of any broker’s website. Course Goals and Results

The goals of the trading courses offered by are pretty obvious. Beginner traders and day traders will leave the academy with solid basic knowledge on how to trade forex. Also, they will have the right mind set to become a successful forex trader and knowing how to perform technical analysis.

You end up knowing how to read charts the correct way and how to use professional trading indicators. Also, you will know which trading strategy to use in which situation.

All these aspects are important for a trader’s career and all the learned knowledge is practically apply able whilst trading the financial markets. Additional Features Forum

Apart from the trading academy course it’s self, offers it’s traders a whole lot more. In the trading room, for instance, you will find a chat forum. From here you can communicate with other traders and share ideas or information about a broad range of topics. These fora are filled with other traders that are talking about reliable brokers and trading techniques. All these forums are interesting for potential investors and day traders.

You can also watch live stream trading sessions and see how professional traders trade the financial markets. From time to time they will give you insightful tips and tricks on how to become a better trader. If you’re a member you also have access to a set of professional trading tools like Risk Manager EA, Naked Trading EA, Momentum Indicator and Profit Simulator. These are all useful tools whilst trading the markets.

Traders that choose for the yearly membership plan have access to detailed and personal feedback. This constructive feedback comes directly from forex mentors and are of added value for the trader. You also have access to 1 on 1 sessions with the professional trader Andrew Lockwood.

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All these features offer good value for money on both the monthly and yearly packages and give insights that normally isn’t available for retail traders. Costs and Fees offers, like said before, two packages. The monthly package costs $97 per month and the yearly one $249 a year. Of course it’s cheaper to buy the yearly package but luckily you can try out all the features and courses of 7 days for free. Customer Service

The customer service of is friendly and always available. The live chat is 24/5 available, so not during weekends. Email support is always available. The support team members are honest and helpful (which we tested with some test questions).

You can get a full refund up to 7 days after you paid for your membership plan. The 7 days free trial period is not included in these 7 days. The 7 days free trial period is 100% free and without obligations.

Is this course and signal provider good for you?

ForexSignals is a trading institutional organisation and signal provider that’s suitable for new traders that want to know how the forex market works. The assistance of professional traders and access to a forex traders community is of real added value, according to us.

For more experienced traders the offered educational material isn’t necessarily good but they can still enjoy the features of sharing trade ideas and information on the available forums.

There’s another pro about that we haven’t outlined before. If you deposit more than $2,000 at their partner broker BlueBerry Markets, you don’t pay any trading fees. Which can be a very good deal for traders at BlueBerry Markets as fees do add up and decrease your overall profit. Review Conclusion

In general offers added value to it’s members. The team is direct and helps hundreds of traders on a daily basis. The trading room offers many features and is functions as a social and informational hub. The trading room offers the most value for traders, with both educational material and trading signals. is well-known by many experienced traders. In a period of just a few years they grew out to become market leader in forex education. The services offered might seem pricey at te first time, especially for beginner forex traders, but we can say it’s definitely worth it.

The quality of the basic education is of professional level and of very high quality. Unlike other forex signal providers, is completely transparent and does exactly what it promises. On the internet we found a lot of positive reviews about and their offered services and we can say that it’s a reliable forex educational learning center and forex signal provider.

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  • Trade signals
  • Forex TV: videos and live streaming
  • Trading Lab: Tools
  • EAs,
  • Trading Academy
  • Chance to win prizes


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