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Ayondo company information Ayondo is founded in Germany in 2009 and is one of Europe’s fastest growing social trading networks and spread betting platforms. Ayondo also has customers outside of… more

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Broker Ayondo
Website URL www.ayondo.com
Founded 2009
Headquarters ayondo markets Limited floor 4 Audrey House 16-20 Ely Place London EC1N 6SN United Kingdom
Support Number +44 (0)20 3326 2131
Support Types phone, email: [email protected]
Languages English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese
Trading Platform TradeHub Gekko Global Markets platform
Minimum 1st Deposit $100
Minimum Account Size $100
Minimum Trade Amount $1
Maximum Trade Amount $1000
Bonus $500 bonus on deposits from $1000
Payout Within 3 business days
Leverage 1:1 1:20 1:50 and 1:100
Spread very low and competitive fixed spreads especially on forex
Free Demo Account Open Demo
Regulated Yes
Regulation Financial Conduct Authority; Ayondo FCA register number is 184333.
Fees Yes
Fee Info No hidden commissions or fees
Commissions Yes
Commission Info No hidden commissions or fees
Account Types Demo, Social Trading, Spread Betting/CFD
Deposit Methods wire transfer, credit cards
Withdrawal Methods wire transfer, credit cards
Trading Methods CFD's, social trading, spread betting
Number of Assets 1000+
Types of Assets Trade in stocks, CFD's, commodities, forex and indices using Ayondo
Trading Currency You can trade more than 30 forex pairs on ayondo including minor pairs
Account Currency You can fund your Ayondo account with euro's, pounds, dollars and yen.
US Traders Allowed Yes
Mobile Trading Yes
Tablet Trading Yes
Overall Score 8.2

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Ayondo company information

Ayondo is founded in Germany in 2009 and is one of Europe’s fastest growing social trading networks and spread betting platforms. Ayondo also has customers outside of Europe. Ayondo’s main goal is to connect successful traders (‘Top Traders’) with each other using a easy-to-understand interface and trading platform.

How does Ayondo work?

Back in the days one had to sign up for an account at Ayondo and then a separate account with a supported broker. Nowadays Ayondo 3.0 has its own white label Gekko Global Markets trading platform. The signup process is substantially reduced by this. Compared to other brokers Ayondo has one of the lowest spreads on the market, especially on forex. There is no hidden commission when you wish to follow third parties and other traders in their transactions. (This is the case with Markets.com and XM.com’s social trading platforms.)

Why would I open an account at Ayondo?

One of the main reasons is to copy and follow successful traders. At the time of writing one can choose to follow over 1000 different traders however, only about 40 traders have 10+ live followers. Some of these ’top traders’ are experienced traders with more than three year trader experience and transaction history on Ayondo. So, however the choice of ‘reliable traders’ to follow isn’t that big, some of them have a good track record and provide you and other traders with constantly winning trades on the long term, with minimum exposure.

Traders can invest in many different CFD assets using Ayondo. Ayondo offers more than 30 forex pairs, most American, European and Asian indices, bonds, precious metals and since oktober 2013 several individual stocks like Cocoa-Cola, Starbucks and McDonald’s.

So, how easy is it to analyse and follow the right traders using Ayondo?

You can filter traders on profit/loss percentage, maximum loss percentage, volatility, orders per month and amount of followers. You can directly choose which trader(s) to follow and information as indicators and graphs pop-up as soon as you click on a specific trader. To bad that until now, it is not possible to download trading histories of these traders in Excel or other data format. If you have a live account on Ayondo you can see the open positions of your followed traders. With a demo account this function is not available.

With Ayondo you can follow and copy a maximum of 5 different traders. This might seem low but it isn’t as there aren’t that many constantly successful traders just yet. If you would follow 5 different traders in your Ayondo portfolio, you automatically follow them with 1/5 of your Ayondo account balance and your trades are being copied marginal. It is possible to set ‘order size’ on each followed trader (0.5 times order, 2 times order, 3 times order etc.) which enables the use of leverage and risk management per copied trader. It’s also possible to protect your capital by using automated stop-loss protection in your main Ayondo account. In the near future we expect Ayondo to apply this stop-loss function also per followed trader so traders can maximize their risk management.

When you start following a trader using your account it’s easy to follow its process in the Ayondo interface. You can see total profit/loss and open positions (and close them if you like). At the moment you cannot see how much each individual trader contributed to your total performance but this is impossible because most of the times you will not follow the same trader from the first of the month using the same ratio. Ayondo is working on this and announced that this feature and total performance percentages will be displayed in the near future.

Slippage (mainly because the opening/closing price the followed trader gets is different than yours) can become a problem during social trading. Sometimes you lose a pip here and there because of slippage because os some small delays. However, because both traders use the Ayondo trading platform there is no time difference or price difference amongst the traders and slippage is reduced to a mere minimum.

Can I become a Top Trader on Ayondo?

Everyone can become a Top Trader on Ayondo. Traders can send trading signals from a live or demo Ayondo account. There are 5 levels traders can reach (from Street Trader to Institutional Trader) en each Ayondo level requires a better performance or higher profit percentage and better risk management (drawdown). The commissions payed out by Ayondo to its Top Traders increased per level. Each trader is thoroughly monitored and traders can also decrease in level when their performance reduces. Ayondo’s commission compensation scheme is probably one of the most fair, if not the fairest, available for social trading traders.

Ayondo plans to welcome Meta trader traders in the near future. At this moment most top traders send their trading signals from demo accounts (they are thus not risking their own money). Traders get a Real Money Traders Badge behind their names when their balance is higher than 500 dollar, euro or pound on their account. (Total balance of traders is considered confidential and is not shown.)

As trader you can try their platform out for free using the demo account. If you want to trade for real money the minimum deposit required is $100. With just $100 it’s possible to follow five top traders on Ayondo and you can open your trades smaller in micro lots. It’s also possible to open a spread betting account which in most countries gains are very low taxed (0%).

‘Social interaction’ features are not implemented yet and it is not possible to communicate with top traders or other trades (it’s not possible to comment on their performance on their profile page for example). The basic online assistance and FAQs are easy to understand and cover all aspects of trading using the Ayondo trading platform. If you still have any questions you can always contact Ayondo’s customer support by phone or email.

Ayondo review conclusion

Although there could be more features and functions added to the Ayondo social trading platform, the user interface is easy to use and the minimum required deposit is rather low. The amount of Top Traders traders can follow is a bit low but as more and more investors and traders start to use Ayondo there will be more choice soon. The Ayondo commission model helps traders to gain more and more as they become better and supply other traders of winning trades. The fact traders can practice using a demo account minimizes the risks involved trading on Ayondo.

✓ Low minimum deposit of just $100

✓ Trade forex, CFDs, stocks and commodities on the Spread Betting Platform

✓ ‘Follow’ other traders by the use of the Social Trading Platform

✓ Practice unlimited using the free demo account

✓ Get commission from Ayondo by becoming a Top Trader

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  • Low minimum deposit of just $100
  • Trade forex, CFDs, stocks and commodities on the Spread Betting Platform
  • ‘Follow’ other traders by the use of the Social Trading Platform
  • Practice unlimited using the free demo account
  • Get commission from Ayondo by becoming a Top Trader


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