Alpari’s Full Throttle contest $4,600 prize pool

Now is the very moment to put your pedal to the metal in order to get your new year off to a flying start. So what then, if not topping Alpari’s Full Throttle contest, will make you a winner in 2016? The contest is for those who like to do things to the max: the larger your trading turnover, the higher your chances are of winning the race for $1,000. There are nine other prize-winning places as a consolidation for those that just don’t reach the top and they will share $3,600 between them.

The unique aspect of this contest is that your trading outcomes have no effect on your position in the contest. Even by having outcomes in the negative, you can win the top prize!

Don’t miss out on the perfect start by registering for the contest and have your engines revving at the start line on 23rd november.

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