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Today we have successfully added an in depth-review about the signal provider: is founded in 2012 by Nick McDonald. At the moment of founding he was quite a new trader on the forex market. When he found out that there weren’t to many forex communities back then, he decided to found

The company still sticks to it’s original plan: to create a community-based network, filled with knowledge from both traders and investors. This network can and will be used, obviously, to help others in the sector.

Meanwhile, grew out to one of the biggest trading rooms to trade ideas and a knowledge center for the entire forex industry.

On Fundamental level, promotes it’s self as a community where knowledge is being gained and shares about almost everything that has to do with forex trading. To educate beginner traders and investors in to the forex world, 9 people work full time in the trading room to answer all your questions and assist you with any problems you might face. offers both a monthly and annual subscription plan. The monthly one costs $97 a month and the yearly one $249 a year. Traders are better off buying the yearly subscription plan as they save $915 in doing so. Both plans can be tried out 7 days for free.’s goal is to make you a winning trader that knows exactly how to trade and how to identify market trends. The company sends forex signals out to it’s members to better identify opportunities on the financial markets.

When you create your free account you got two choices. The monthly package or the yearly one with a discount. The yearly package contains the same features as the monthly one but several extra ones like personalized feedback and a 1 on 1 mentoring session with the professional forex trader: Andrew Lockwood.

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