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Binary Option Robot is until now the only reliable fully customizable auto trading software that automates your binary option trading. You have full control over your amount of trades, investment amount and loss/profit limits so you are literally totally in control. Old fashioned binary option automation software required you to keep your pc on all the time, using Binary Option Robot you can just go to the beach, visit family or go shopping whilst the automation software does all your trades automatically. Just set up which assets you want to buy or sell and at which prices and expiry times and the robot does the rest. There’s no need to constantly update the software, just install it once and let it go, it will update itself overnight.

The Binary Option Robot auto binary trading software comes with many different customizable settings and when you think you did something wrong you can just reset all settings back to default or try the ‘reverse’ option which basically reverses all your current settings except amount of money invested.

The best thing is that the software is free to install and doesn’t cost like three hundred bucks or something to try it out (as many other automated trading software programs). If you’re not feeling comfortable with it, just simply delete it. I know the owner and developers of Binary Option Robot personally and I can tell they work hard and everyday on staying the best binary option automation software provider in the world. With live chat, Facebook Messenger and other IM’s they try to answer and help all customers within the least amount of time with whatever question they might have.

***update 21 November 2015***

Please note that you never mistake Binary Option Robot with some scrupulous copy cats out there. There have been numerous reports of fake binary option automation software providers using the same cute robot logo Binary Option Robot uses, and even websites that try to mimic the entire real Binary Option Robot website.

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