So you’re searching for the best binary option brokers are you? Well, I can tell you already, on this page you won’t find a top 10 like someone would post on a website like best binary brokers dot com or top 10 binary. It’s easy to become affiliate of binary option brokers and just say all the good things about them to make people sign up. What’s more interesting, is the cons of certain binary option brokers.

I am going in with a different approach here. Extensive research, which includes features, support service and user reviews to come up with a top 5 or top 10. In the list below you will find what I call the best binary brokers and if you read the reviews you will know why I chose them. This page is built because I want to be able to provide you a more transparent view of binary option trading in general. If you feel any of these reviews lack certain information, feel free to contact me as soon as possible.

First of all, what’s ”good” for one trader isn’t that good for another trader. Whether it might be bonuses, customer services, payouts etc. each trader has different needs and that’s why I decided to call the best binary option brokers the ones that score the best overall.

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